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Buy a shirt and help others in need. 

We partnered with a local church in San Bernardino, CA, to increase support for much needed community programs in the area. 10% of every order will be donated to help make these programs successful, which in turn will cycle back into the well-being of the community. So, not only will you get an amazingly designed item from our store, but you’ll also be helping those in need. It’s like a two for one deal that keep on giving. Place an order today! 

And remember to check back often, as we will be releasing new merchandise as it becomes available!

Bryan's Pick of the Month

Pro tip: pair it with camouflage for the ultimate marriage of war and peace.

Premium, thick tie-dye cotton shirt that feels (somehow) even better than it looks. The embroidered upside-down Hounder logo barks its way to the top of the fashion food chain.

Get your Hounder hippie